Thursday, January 26, 2006


t.A.T.u, "All About Us", Pt. 3

Don't worry, the definition of a single hasn't changed since the last time you bought one. It's catchy as hell because it's Europop and therefore it sounds completely obvious. No peeling back the layers of half-assed squeals passing as singing in order to uncover the perfect indie pop within. It's HUGE -- the tympani, dude! -- and because of the sheer spectacle of it all, I didn't even notice that the melody was nothing but an ascending scale until my fifth of sixth listen (I take it you noticed that almost right away). And the t.A.T.u girls are smoking hot in the video. No "rock" song could come close to touching "All About Us" in 2005.

And saying that "a lot of the music of 2006 sounds A LOT like some older tune" is a bit disingenuous, don't you think? Lots of music from every year sounds a lot like some older tune. Songs and artists rip off other songs and artists all the time. It's not like subtle plagiarism has become a sign of the musical times or anything.

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