Thursday, January 26, 2006


t.A.T.u, "All About Us" Pt.2

I did listen to "All About Us" and I don't hate it. It is catchy as hell, but I am surprised that the Jew thinks this was THE BEST SINGLE of the year. But, I don't really know what his definition of a "single" is. Knowing him it really means a song that was relased as a CD single (does anyone buy those?).

A remember once someone gave a talk about music in the Physics Dept. and though his talk was about chords and scales and that sort of thing, people kept raising questions about the temporal structure of music (if that's the right term), as in to do with verses and choruses, and he said any aural information with some chracteristic correlation length would appeal as music. This song really pushes it by being so repetetetetive.

It also starts of sounding a lot like Celine Dion ("My Heart Will Go On"), this is another blog topic -- how a lot of the music of 2006 sounds A LOT like some older tune, I'll roll out the examples in a susequent post.

In the meantime I have at least a half a dozen topics for JVSI that I've been stewing on, which I will get to posting soon ... very soon.

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