Friday, January 20, 2006


t.A.T.u, "All About Us"

The Indian spoke about hipsters (I mostly ignore them), Pitchfork (they're decent folk, most of the time), and the Decemberists* (I've never gotten around to hearing them and I'm in no rush). Truthfully, I know very little about those things. If that's how the Indian defines "indie music", then I'm not sure if he knows what he's getting into.

If we apply that definition (it's as good as any other one) then I don't believe most websites and blogs write about indie. When so much (too much!) music available is available to you, there's no need to set up boundaries for yourself. In particular, a blog doesn't have to ensure it reaches a specific type of consumer because the only products being sold are the blog's authors. There's no need to "cover it all". There's no reason to be thorough if you don't want to, no need to ensure you have your say about the latest shit hot release like the monthly print mags do. Bloggers don't need to stick to a marketing agenda, they can write about Sunn O))) one day and Il Divo the next. My first ever blog post was about the Backstreet Boys. Write about pop, techno, hip-hop, noise, whatever is on your mind. I can't trust bloggers whose focus is too narrow, or who appear to be sticking close to canonical bands and topics, or who feel the need to throw in their two cents about MIA just because everyone else has.

It might appear that I'm trying to overstate my point by deliberately choosing the most blatantly un-indie song I could find. The truth is that I decided to start with this song several days ago, because what could be a better subject for the first post on JewVsIndian than my favourite single of 2005? In contrast, the Onion AV Club named its parent album the Least Essential Album of 2005. The Onion AV Club doesn't care about Europop. Fuck the Onion AV Club.

The Indian will probably hate this song.

*via cartoon. A damn funny one too.

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